presents Cal's..... "The Play"...

You can't make this crap up....

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This is "The Play"...the final 4 seconds of the game.  Below that screen is:  

2.  A computer enhanced study proving Cal won (by a team of unbiased
graduate students showing that Garner's knee did not touch the ground
before the 3rd was a Berkeley study)

3.  Electric football game re-enactment (actual Sony HDTV ad)

4.  The final 53 seconds of the game, including the John Elway led Stanford
go ahead scoring drive from 4th and 17 on their own 13 yard line, and The Play
in real time using the original, televised screen format (6:43 commercials)

This is "The Play"...the final 4 seconds of the game.


A computer enhanced study proving that Cal won (Garner's knee did not touch the ground before the 3rd lateral)

Electric football game re-enactment

The entire final drive by Stanford and The Play in real time and using original, televised screen format (6:43)

The annual California-Stanford game is called "The Big Game".  This is the 1982 Cal Berkeley touchdown called "The Play".  This video shows the last minute or so of the 1982 Big Game.  Former Viqueen quarterback Joe Kapp is Cal's coach (he was also a former Cal QB that led them to the 1959 national championship and their last Rose Bowl before his life went downhill and he joined the Viqueens).  Kapp is attributed to "calling" THE PLAY by telling his players to keep lateraling the ball rugby style as they run alongside (and slightly behind) the ball carrier....Grab your beer....

Fourth Quarter...The score is Cal 19, Stanford 17...53 seconds left in the game...Stanford has the ball on their own 13 yard lineFourth down and 17 for a first down. John Elway (yes THAT John Elway) throws a pass 35 yards in the air and gets the first down.  Jimmy Stewart is a defensive back for Cal (no, not THAT Jimmy Stewart).  Anyway, Elway drives Stanford downfield for the go ahead score with 4 seconds left in the game (which was hard to believe to begin with).  "The Play" is the kickoff return after Stanford's score.  The entire video encompasses 53 seconds of game time but the video is 6 minutes and 43 seconds long.  Most people who remember the play don't remember Stanford's big drive to go ahead.  (Stanford sucks, by the way).

            Side note:  The clueless trombone player who gets his clock cleaned 
            at the end of the play later became a symbol of all Stanford students---            going through life tooting their own horns in a parallel 
            universe, oblivious to reality or the big picture that is going on 
            all around them.  Ok...I made that part up.  If I offended anybody it 
            was done in jest.'s all fun.

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